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How I Got My Ten Month Old Sleep Trained

Updated: May 19, 2020

Me: Kaci sleeps in her crib 10-12 hours at night

Parents everywhere: girl, what’s the recipe?!

Here it is:

  1. get that baby used to being in their room. Read books, play with toys, listen to music, and etc. Make their room the fun and happy place.

  2. Don’t put anything in the crib that smells like you. When they toss at night and they smell you, they will start looking for you.

  3. Make sure they get an early evening bath. If they go to bed at 8PM, I’d give the bath around 5 or 6PM.

  4. I don’t believe in CIO (cry it out). My definition of crying it out is an hour or longer. The longest I will let Kaci cry is up to 30 minutes depending on what’s happening.

  5. Make sure they eat balanced during the day, and especially at night. Babies before one don’t NEED food, but if your baby is a food eater, make sure they eat a good dinner.

  6. Schedules help. Kaci takes 1 big long name during the day. Two if her first nap gets cut short. I leave at least a 3-4 hour gap between her second nap and the time I expect her to go to bed. Up: 9-1 nap: 1-4 bedtime: 9pm

  7. Make sure your child is visibly tired. They should have activities during the day to Tucker them out. If they are not sleepy, they will not go to sleep easily and will end up just crying their self to sleep, but not going because they’re actually tired and that’s what we want.

Check out my YouTube video for more detail!

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