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The Perfect Mom

Oh, the internet.

It’s filled with picture perfect kids, perfect moms, and home life. Homes that look magazine ready at any given moment. Clean faces, perfect hair, and freshly ironed outfits. Working moms and stay at home mom debates. Viral blogs circulating about how to live the perfectly managed are the REAL listening?

  1. Do whatever YOU want. Give yourself what YOU need. Then give your kids what they need.

  2. You wake and live moment by moment, task by task, and day by day.

  3. When things become overwhelming, you pause. You walk away. Take a break. Put some music on and dance it out like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang would.

  4. You don’t compare yourself to other moms. Some moms don’t have it altogether and you would never know it. Some moms really do have it altogether (what ever that means) and that’s nothing to be jealous or envious of. Your life is yours and it is beautiful. Water it and prune it as needed.

  5. Plan, BUT, prepare to be flexible! Kids change things. You can have your day scheduled and then your child decides to cluster feed. 🤷🏽‍♀️ no point in stressing, breathe and grow through this moment.

When you consider your life’s goals and family goals, I challenge you to consider WHY it’s a goal. Is it something someone else told you that you should strive for? Is it a true benefit for you and your family? Are you in a place mentally and emotionally to even go after this goal?

Ask yourself that last question again, mama.

I remember when I first had Kaci, I worked so hard to put her on this strict and timed schedule and then I asked myself why? Why do I need us to have such a rigorous schedule? Because that was one of the first questions I kept being asked. It was one of the most talked about topics in mommy groups. Truthfully, it wasn’t working because that wasn’t for us. I wanted us and my baby to operate in freedom. Play as she wanted, eat as she wanted, and rest when she wanted because that is how life should be and I want her to learn autonomy. I quickly learned that perfect doesn’t exist in the same capacity for us all. I learned I wouldn’t be perfect like ________. I would be my own version of perfect because it included me being happy AND at peace and my child being happy. A perfect mom is a happy mom and it doesn’t look the same for everyone.


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