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Activities for Moms and their Mini’s

As most of you know, I lost my mother when I was 14 years old and this year will be my fifteenth Mother’s Day without her. I didn’t have as many years with her as most of my peers did and still do with their mothers, but every year we did have together she made count. My mother was a silent sufferer so I take great honor in knowing that she can rest peacefully because I turned out okay and that’s because of the impact of our memories. I say all that to say, tomorrow is not promised so cease the day and every moment you’re in. I want to encourage you to spend as much time with your children as possible and make every great memory a lasting one! 1. Coloring. It sounds so simple but is therapy for each of you and a chance to build a connection. While your coloring, your guards are down, stresses of the day are stripped away, and you’re able to dream and be a kid again. Here’s the time to share your dreams with your child, help them to dream, be silly, be creative, but most all—create a memory. 2. If your child is anything like me, they may enjoy the great outdoors! Find an activity that they may be interested in and pursue it! Maybe they’ll like gardening, fishing, hiking, hunting for lady bugs or the like. 3. Food is a pillar in every community that always brings people together! Baking brownies or preparing a meal for the family is great way to bond with your child. The plus is that not only are you creating a memory but that you get to teach this life long skill! 4. Have a photoshoot! Moms, whether you have a son or a daughter, all children love to pretend! Whether it’s cops and robber clothing or princesses and the queen, dress it all the way up and take photos to cherish for the years to come! 5. Lastly, but most importantly—be intentional. The hustle and bustle of life can get the best of anyone. Be intentional about affirming your child of who they are and what they can be. Speak over and into them daily. There will be plenty of days where they hear “clean your room” or “you’re on punishment for _____”. But how often do/will they hear: “I think you have beautiful eyes!” Or “you’re so smart” or “you make me proud” or “I like that idea”? I want to you to sit and stare into your child’s eyes for two minutes without saying a word. After you’re finished, I want you to say five things you LOVE about them. Then be intentional of reminding them of these things throughout the days and weeks to come! No matter how hard life gets, remember you are doing the best you can and your best is what they need, respect, deserve, and love! Happy Mother’s Day! 

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