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Feb 6, 2023 - Feb 10, 2023

Empathy First Challenge

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February is all about love, but I want to actually challenge you. It's easy to love our children, they're ours! What's not always easy, is to be empathetic towards them. I'd like to say the pandemic had a lot to do with that. Our anxieties increased drastically and the demand it put on us all has been heavy. But it's time to recalibrate. I just completed a blog about parenting goals and what better way can we begin working on our goals than a little challenge? We will take 5 days to focus on different ways to show empathy to our little ones. My goal for this challenge, is to change the way you see your child and to help build a connection that not only builds the love, but levels of trust.

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Empathy First Challenge

Empathy First Challenge

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