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Who am I?
A mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and The Child Whisperer. I help parents to decode their toddlers language (behavior) and put routines and strategies into play to help make the parenting life easier. I facilitate relationship building exercises and mediate discussions to teach parents how to communicate with their children. I help parents hear their children and help them to be heard by their children as well. Some have called me "The Parenting Holy Ghost (cryyyying), but I just call myself the child whisperer. I have over a decade of experience working with children and families and specialized training in behavior, I've learned to read reasons for certain behaviors that some people cannot. I'm here to help you understand your kiddo and enter a new peaceful life in parenting...well, as peaceful as it can get because we know how children can be (haha!). Here are some more facts about me:

-I have an associate degree in Early Childhood Education with a focus in Special Education.
-I was a registered behavior technician but I am not anymore because I no longer practice ABA.

-I am a certified infant and toddler specialist.
-I have a bachelors in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.


It's a two-way street that involves active listening, patience, and sometimes--when possible, a little compromise. Our children's behavior, no matter their age, is communicating something to you. If we can get past how their behavior makes us feel and focus on what their behavior is telling us, we can lead a better discussion and teach them how to communicate in more acceptable ways. 


Children need boundaries in order to learn how to set them for themselves. The relationship they have with you is the first one they will ever have and sets in motion how they operate with other people. It's important that parents make space for children to exercise their voice and set boundaries with you and learn to respect your boundaries, too.

My Parenting Beliefs


Children do not learn well from people that they do not like. if they do not like, respect, and are always anxious around you, it will be hard for them to learn and listen to you. Learn to have fun with your children to gain a better connection. Don't just provide a means for them to enjoy themselves a part from you, join in on the games and activities that they enjoy. Making memories is essential for your relationship

Get to Know Me...

  • I looooove, I mean I'm like obsessed with my little family. 

  • I won second place in the county wide spelling bee in the 8th grade. I might skip a word in a sentence, but doggonit, every word will be spelled correctly! LOL!

  • Kids are just my shtick. I love them, they amaze me, and I love helping parents see their child from a different perspective.

  • I'm obsessed with peeling my nail polish off. *shrug*.

  • If I picked a different career, I would totally be a neurologist, so I could do research on how different situations impact the brain. Or a detective, but I don't want to be a cop so there's that.

  • In the day time, between parenting and author calls, I'm a ghostwrite blogs, SM content, and scripts/stories.

  • When I like something (a song, food, a TV show, etc) I can almost never get enough of it. I will eat it, sing it, and watch it daily until I'm tired of it haha


See what people are saying about my

"You've got it! People need to hear your voice and what you have to say. I can't tell you what it meant to me to have someone listen to me, help my daughters hear me, and to help me hear them!!"
- N.A

Wow! This was just my first call and you've given me SOOOO much information to get started! 

Book Reviews

"Memories of My Mommy is a wonderful book for children and adults alike. This book warms your heart and makes you think of all the special people in your life. It reminds you that every moment is to be enjoyed and to make every moment count. This book deals with loss and grieving, but it also brings comfort and happiness. Memories of My Mommy provokes you to reminisce of the moments you share with the people who matter most. I recommend this for any child who has lost a mother or any adult who has lost a friend."


"I would very much recommend this product to churches, day cares, and kindergarten classes.
This book is very inspirational; it was written from the heart and from experience."


"Spectacular read! My daughter loved this book about a young girl’s search for Christ. Not too long not too short but just right! I absolutely recommend."

My YouTube channel is a place for parents to learn parenting tips and strategies, be introduced to new children's books from independent authors, encouragement along your journey, and product reviews

"Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love"
-Miguel Angel Ruiz

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