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Peachy Parenting

Decode behavior, lead with empathy, and embrace the joy of parenting with Peachy Parenting.

Is your parenting journey going....much different than you thought it would? One day you were holding your precious baby in your arms singing them to sleep and blinked and you find yourself more frustrated than you could ever imagine because of constant temper tantrums. 

Let's all take a deep breath right now.....whew!

You think you did something wrong or "this kid has got to be broken, I need a refund" are possibly just caught off guard because social media has had it's way of making parenting seem super easy for everyone else except you. You just aren't the baking cookies, elaborate party throwing, craft every day type of parent. You love your child(ren) and you feel you are doing all you know to do, but some days it seems like it's not enough. If you feel like this, you may need help from a parenting coach.

Increased communication between parent and child.

Strengthen relationship between parent and child.

Establish routines in home that decrease confusion.

Stuck on what to say in the heat of the moment?

Let me show you how to lead with empathy.Here's our How to Respond with Empathy First Scripts.

Learning how to be empathetic begins with oneself. Our emotions posters are a great for teaching your child how to identify different emotions and put language to how they are feeling. As they learn about their different emotions and how it feels in their body, they will also learn to identify the emotions of others and express empathy towards them.

Your life of peachy parenting begins here...

Are you:
-  yelling?
-not feeling heard?
-Repeating yourself?

-always running behind?
- not knowing what to say or do during melt downs?
-constantly feeling like a bad parent?

You are NOT alone. Throughout the years in the classroom,
I have seen parents at various stages in their parenting
with many different lifestyles. It can be challenging, but
together we can reach your parenting goals. I want to
hear about your good days, your funny days, your
challenges, and your wins! In a world where it feels

like we are on our own to figure it out, my gift to
you is that you do not have to parent a

Parenting classes can be lengthy & the books might as well be speaking another language. From listening to parents of toddlers, I created two, short and to the point, courses based on the greatest sore spots--Tantrums and potty training. If you aren't in need of or ready for one on one support, these courses are probably right up your alley!


Trumping Temper Tantrums

This class is for parents who want to learn how to respond to their child's tantrums.


Potty Training Readiness

Stress Free Potty Training? Yes, please. 

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